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Cherish the present · Waiting for the trend to turn

Farewell to 2020 is very different from ringing out the old year and ringing in the new in previous years. People always sigh when they toast to celebrate: 2020 has finally passed!

Indeed, this year of Gengzi in the lunar calendar is too unusual. "Black swans" descended from the sky, constantly refreshing people’s perceptions. ZOSE Group also withstood severe tests. The business suspension caused by the epidemic did not fully recover by the end of the year. More than 1,000 staffs of the ZOSE Group have went through the most difficult year together.

In times of crisis, the corporate culture and the quality of the employees are displayed. From the prevention of the epidemic to the resumption of work and production, the employees in all positions in ZOSE Group have performed their duties, meticulously and demonstrated excellent quality. Faced with the reality of reduced income caused by unsaturated workload, they still have no regrets and do their best. After experiencing this catastrophe, our hearts are closer.

In the face of this disaster that has swept through the world and engulfed millions of lives, living in peaceful China, we are more aware of the preciousness of physical and mental health, and we can also appreciate the preciousness of freedom under restraint, and we can also feel ordinary people warmly embrace the preciousness of true friendship. If this catastrophe has made us more determined, it is: "to live a very ordinary life, to open your eyes in ordinary things, to light the fire of others with your own fire, and to discover heart with your heart. "

During this year, we are also reflecting on the value of corporate existence. In the case of business stagnation for most of the year, we have done our best to ensure that we do not lay off employees or owe wages, and give employees a basic guarantee. This is the responsibility of the company. At the same time, we also realize that only a company is strong enough can give the society the greatest return and the best protection for its employees. As a small and medium-sized private enterprise, we are still the child running in the rain, and we need to create it ourselves in the future. In the face of major changes unseen in a century, the historical opportunity of the construction of a free trade port, and the new consumer trends in the post-epidemic era, we need to change with the times, nurture new opportunities in the crisis, and create new opportunities in the changes.

Following the pace of national development, we are also formulating our own five-year plan. In the next five years, under the background of the construction of the free trade port, ZOSE Group will set high standards, consider far-reaching, innovative plans, and develop a fine and practical cultural industry. At the same time, aim to the front end and terminal of the film and television industry, and is committed to becoming the basic force for the construction of "Hainan Film and television Island". We also need to develop new business modules, form new profit growth points, realize the doubling of main business revenue and profit doubling plan, step up to a new level in the capital market, and build a cultural industry group with national influence. In the field of real estate investment, we must finish the second phase of ZOSE·Golden Bay, and focus on garden construction, commercial development and property services, which deserves the reputation of "the best real estate in Danzhou Binhai New Area". On this basis, it participates in the comprehensive development of industrial parks, education, and health care projects, and implements the investment philosophy of “being pioneers, focusing on culture, and making fine products” throughout the investment philosophy of ZOSE Investment.

Nietzsche said: Anything that can't destroy me will make me strong. The hard and tortuous year of 2020 has made us go through a lot and changed a lot, but we believe that the cycle of the heavens will not change. After the severe winter, the natural law of spring buds will not change. Let us be ourselves and be calm and wait.

Chairman of ZOSE Group
Liu Wenjun

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