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Chairman Liu Wenjun was invited to explore the Danzhou cultural tourism project

From:ZOSE Group Publish:2022-03-23


On March 22, 2022, at the invitation of Tao Tao, Member of the Standing Committee of the Danzhou Municipal Party Committee and Minister of Propaganda, Liu Wenjun, Chairman of ZOSE Group, and Zhong Xuejun, Chairman of Dunhuang Ancient City Tourism Film and Television Company, went to Danzhou to explore cultural tourism resources and cultural tourism projects. Sheng Yun, chairman of the Cultural Tourism Industry Development Company, and Qin Jiming, vice chairman of ZOSE Culture, accompanied the exploration.

They went to Dongpo Academy and Zhonghe Ancient Town to learn more about the local historical relics and cultural relics, and visited Qili Village of Zhonghe Town to visit the characteristic rural tourism resources. Tao Tao, Standing Committee Member, introduced the advantages of Danzhou cultural tourism development to entrepreneurs. He expressed the need to implement the spirit of the provincial leadership's instructions as soon as possible, make perfecting program, development and utilization of Dongpo's cultural brand, promote rural revitalization with Dongpo's brand, and welcome cultural enterprises from inside and outside the province to invest in Danzhou. Chairman Sheng Yun introduced the resource endowment and protection of Dongpo Academy and Zhonghe Ancient Town. Chairman Liu Wenjun introduced the origin of ZOSE Group's investment in Danzhou and Yangpu, and expressed his willingness and confidence to use the policy advantages to land tourism performances in Danzhou.

Afterwards, the inspection team also visited the ZOSE·Golden Bay project.




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