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ZOSE• Golden Bay Property won the honorary title of "Excellent Property Management Company" in 2021

From:ZOSE Group Publish:2022-06-02


Recently, the Danzhou Municipal Bureau of Housing and Urban-Rural Development has given notice and commendation to the property service company and individuals who have performed more prominently in their work in 2021. Hainan ZOSE Property Management Co., Ltd. Danzhou Branch (Danzhou ZOSE Property Management Co., Ltd.), ZOSE·Golden Bay project won the honorary title of "2021 Excellent Property Management Company", and Zhou Lijuan, the general manager of the property company, was awarded the 2021 Advanced Individual in Property Management.

The birth of each honor is not only the result of the efforts of the property management team, but also inseparable from the active and exemplary role of some outstanding property owners. They serve the owners attentively and form a deep friendship with the owners, so that the harmonious community culture will continue to grow. ZOSE Property has been established for 18 years, it has been adhering to the service concept of "Create a beautiful life for you", based on localization and a high starting point, constantly absorbing advanced management ideas at domestic and overseas, improving the owner's life taste and property quality, and has won the recognition and support of majority of owners.



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