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Haikou ZOSE International Cinema (Cool Docks) officially opened today

From:ZOSE Group Publish:2023-09-24


On September 24,2023, Haikou ZOSE International Cinema (Cool Docks) opened grandly, which is the eighth cinema opened by ZOSE Cinemas in Haikou.

Wu Weijun and Chen Xue of the Film Bureau of the Propaganda Department of Hainan Provincial Party Committee, Chen Xianmin, a second-level researcher of the Hainan Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce Association, Qin Jiming, vice chairman of ZOSE Culture, Liu Yang, chairman of ZOSE Cinemas, Zhang Shan, general manager, Lin Xiangdong, senior consultant, Li Jie, chairman of Hainan Tianhui Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., and Fu Ying, general manager of Hainan Tianhui Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Lei Zhe, executive vice chairman of Hainan Guizhou Chamber of Commerce and general manager of Hainan Jianjia Industrial Co., Ltd., Wang Tao, vice chairman of Hainan Guizhou Chamber of Commerce and chairman of Dongfang Security Company, Chairman of Hainan Dayuan Group, Zheng Degang, Secretary General of Guizhou Chamber of Commerce of Hainan Province, Fu Jie, Secretary General of Hainan Chamber of Commerce of Guizhou Province, Zhou Xue, Deputy General Manager of Changying Hainan Cultural Travel Group, Shao Shan, Deputy General Manager of Hainan Renjia Building Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd., management team of ZOSE Cinemas, all walks of life and local news media attended the opening ceremony.

Haikou ZOSE International Cinema (Cool Docks) is located on the second floor of Dongpo "Cool Docks" Commercial Street, No.98 Bihai Avenue, Meilan District, Haikou. It has 1 laser giant screen cinema, 1 VLED hall, 5 digital laser cinemas and nearly 800 seats, which can meet the viewing needs of different groups to the greatest extent. Especially VLED Hall, it is the first LED movie screen in Hainan. It has ultra-high brightness, ultra-wide viewing angle, ultra-high contrast, ultra-high refresh rate and ultra-restored color light and shadow picture. The 45-degree inclined seat enjoys a wide field of view. At the same time, it has an ultra-high refresh rate, which can bring naked-eye 3D effect to the audience and present amazing visual effect for the audience.

It is understood that Dongpo “"Cool Docks"” Commercial Street adheres to the concept of cultural and tourism empowerment and commercial integration, taking "sports and entertainment as the basis, leisure tourism as the basis, commercial empowerment as the body, injecting culture into the leisure industry, focusing on highlighting the attitude of youth and fashion, and promoting Dongpo cultural heritage, committed to bringing entertainment experience to customers while experiencing Hainan Dongpo culture."










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