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Spring Festival box office hit a new high ZOSE Cinemas get off to a good start

From:ZOSE Group Publish:2024-02-18


During the Spring Festival, watching a New Year movie has become a must-have for many people. During the Spring Festival of the Year of 2024 Dragon, the film market is very hot. The cumulative box office of the Spring Festival nationwide is 8.016 billion yuan, and the number of film viewers exceeds 163 million, all of which are the highest in the history of the release period.

The partners of 26 cinemas under ZOSE Cinemas carried forward the spirit of continuous fighting, fought hard on the front line, took various measures to promote income increase simultaneously, completed the operation service work of Spring Festival excellently, and provided a happy and peaceful cultural feast for the audience with hard work.

It is understood that the total revenue of the Spring Festival of ZOSE Cinemas is 19.368 million yuan, an increase of 22% compared with 2023, and the number of audience increased by 43%, all of which reached a record high, and firmly locked the first place in the box office of Hainan Province.





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