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Wang Peng, Party Secretary and Director of Hainan Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Department, went to ZOSE·Golden Bay to carry out special research

From:ZOSE Group Publish:2024-05-23


On the morning of May 22, 2024, Wang Peng, Party Secretary and Director of Hainan Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Department, accompanied by Feng Benyan, Vice Mayor of Danzhou Municipal People's Government, Ma Peng, Deputy Director of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Bureau of Danzhou, Mo Shaomin, Real Estate Market Supervision Department of Provincial Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Department, Liu Jun, General Manager of ZOSE Real Estate and Liu Yu, Assistant General Manager, etc., came to Phase II of "ZOSE·Golden Bay" Development Project of ZOSE Group for research.

Liu Jun introduced the overall construction overview of ZOSE·Golden Bay Project to the research team firstly, and made a report on project development, project progress, operation and sales status, etc.Wang Peng affirmed the achievements made in various works of ZOSE·Golden Bay Project, carefully understood the specific conditions such as sales proportion, unsold stock, sales price and sales difficulties of the project, and required the local housing construction department to speed up the online signing and filing of the sold houses of the enterprise, so as to ensure that the real estate sales in Danzhou area realized positive growth on June 1.

Wang Peng also visited the Phase II residential area of the project with great interest, and took the elevator to the 24th floor to visit the model room, with a view of the residential area and beautiful sea scenery. He encouraged enterprises to have confidence in the recovery of the real estate market, and the government will supply maximum support to real estate enterprises in policy, financing coordination and various work links.

Zhang Yaojun, Engineering Department of ZOSE·Golden Bay Project, Miao Longyang, Sales Department, etc. accompanied them.




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