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ZOSE Pictures (Hainan) Investment Co., Ltd. was registered in Hainan Province Market Supervision Administration Bureau in February 2016, with registered capital of RMB 30 million. It is a professional film and television company engaged in domestic and foreign film and television distribution, film and television planning, shooting, production and film and television project development, and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hainan ZOSE Culture Communication Co., Ltd. The company strives to form a closed loop of the whole film industry chain through the layout of the front- end of the film and television industry and the linkage with the terminal of ZOSE Cinemas.

In August 2018, the first documentary film "Secret in the North of Tibet - Returning to the No Man's Land" was released in China, won the second highest box office of domestic documentary film of the year, and won the "Five-One Project Award" of Hainan Province and several domestic and international awards.


In May 2019, the film "A Day Deal," produced by ZOSE Pictures (Hainan) Investment Co., Ltd. and jointly produced by Beijing Haining Viewpoint Media Co., Ltd., Beijing Hedao Jincheng Cultural Media Co., Ltd. and Wang Ting Studio, was officially shoot in Colorful Guizhou City Scenic Spot of Guiyang City, and was released nationwide in November 2020. It won the "Five-One Project Award" of Hainan Province in 2022.

"A Day Deal" was starred by Wang Ting, Liu Xiaoning, Lang Yueting, famous actors Ni Dahong, Xu Wenguang and other special actors, Cao Cao, Cao Yang and new generation actors Qian Dongni, Zhang Jinming jointly participated in the film.

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