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Chongqing ZOSE International Cinemas (TONGNAN) opens today

From:ZOSE Group Publish:2020-01-20


Following the rhythm of the New Year and chasing the joyful dance steps, ZOSE International Cinema (Tongnan Branch) is soft opened; it is located on Tongbai Road, Tongnan District, Chongqing.


Chongqing ZOSE International Cinema (Tongnan Branch) has 5-star decoration standard, one giant curtain hall, six digital cinemas, and number of sofa seats is 975, more advanced audio and video equipment and ZOSE services.





In recent years, while strengthening the local market of Hainan, ZOSE Cinemas has moved into the southwest, and started the construction of the southwest regional sub-center with Chengdu as the center. With the opening of the branch of Chengdu CRCC, Chengdu Yonghuafu and Chongqing Tongnan, as well as the surrounding contract and reserve projects being launched one after another, the regional superiority of the ZOSE Cinemas circuit is taking shape.


During the Spring Festival, there are constant activities and various benefits in ZOSE International Cinema. Let’s walk into it and feel the joy of the New Year.


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