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ZOSE Group Headquarters 2022 Summer Outdoor Expansion Activities Held in Lingshui

From:ZOSE Group Publish:2022-06-28


In order to enrich employees' amateur cultural life, strengthen interaction, communication and cooperation, and enhance cohesion, on June 25-26, 2022, the group's labor union organized nearly 50 employees of the group (headquarters) to carried out a two-day summer outdoor development activity in Lingshui, Hainan Island, which enjoys the reputation of "Pearl Coast".

In Hainan, in June, the sun is shining fiercely, and everyone's enthusiasm was very high. The colorful expansion activities kicked off in the hotel banquet hall. The participating players were divided into four teams. From team formation to captain selection, from group competition to individual presentation, everyone actively cooperated and encouraged each other, and successfully completed the "Qing Ting Dian Shui", "" Team Gobang", "You Do& I Guess", "Wu Ren Si Zu" and others, the winning team is impassioned, and the losing team went down swinging.

During the activities, everyone also played the "Hainan Ocean Paradise" with great interest. Many projects such as extreme fall, rapid torrent, jungle rafting, etc. attracted everyone to stay and experience. At the same time, themed performances such as "Legend of the Mermaid of the South China Sea" also brought an unparalleled visual feast. "Ocean" is the theme of Hainan Ocean Paradise, through the tour experience and the interaction of popular science, we have a comprehensive understanding of the thousands of creatures in the South China Sea and pay attention to the importance of marine environmental protection.

Through this activity, the team spirit of the employees was stimulated and the people's hearts were united. Everyone expressed that they will take this expansion activity as an opportunity to be high-spirited and invigorating, to play a team spirit and improve work efficiency in the future work, and to make new and greater contributions to the bright future of the company with a more enthusiastic working attitude!















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